For Ancient Egyptians, physical appearance reflected the inner life, leading to a real cult of beauty. Indeed, in 2000 BC, Egyptian women were famous for their beauty all around the Ancient world. Plants and natural ingredients had no secrets for the Ancient Egyptians who invented moisturizing and anti-wrinkle skincare unguents...This inspired Jeanne Habashi who realized that our every day’s beauty gestures are still dedicated to preserve and enhance our appearance, youth and freshness. Launched in 2006, Jeanne Habashi – Le Caire is the first luxury cosmetics brand born in the motherland of cosmetology.

“ I left France and moved to Egypt in 2004. I immediately became fascinated by the beauty secrets of the ancient Egyptians. In my research, I found papyrus documents with very detailed formulas. So I imagined what ingredients an Egyptian Queen would still use today and decided to combine them with the latest technologies to create the first Egyptian luxury cosmetics brand”.

Vision & Mission

Mysteries and rituals to gain Eternity are the true treasures of the Pharaohs' civilization. The Ancient Egyptians invented cosmetology to enhance their beauty and protect it from the damage of time. By revisiting these ancient secrets of beauty, Jeanne Habashi has moved cosmetology one step forward, achieving alchemy of antique rituals and latest technologies.

Jeanne Habashi went back four thousand years in botanic and beauty knowledge to offer you exclusive cosmetics that marry the virtues of natural extracts known by the Ancient Egyptians with the ultimate skincare expertise.



“Ritual of Eternity” is the symbol of Jeanne Habashi expertise. It is a holistic approach to facial treatment that consists in different sub-rituals, which are all essential and adapted to the different types of skin. Indeed, this elaborated and comprehensive facial line is structured in three key sub-rituals (purifying, moisturizing and anti-aging). “Body and senses Ritual” is another specific ritual dedicated to the body care.

Jeanne Habashi expertise lays also in the selection of natural active ingredients. White Lotus and Neroli, the most important ones, are strongly linked with Egyptian Antiquity. Found in unguent recipes for regaining youth, White Lotus was also appreciated for its energising nourishing and brightening benefits. Neroli is an extremely precious essential oil extracted from the orange blossom; whose roots run deep in the Egyptian history… Cleopatra reputedly would have soaked her sails with this scent, when she embarked upon her successful seduction of Roman conquerors. Jeanne Habashi selected this essential oil not only for its exquisite perfume but also for its soothing, purifying and relaxing virtues.

Egyptians also discovered the anti-wrinkle virtues of proteins but the ingredients they used are not suitable for a modern cosmetic formula. That is why Jeanne Habashi selected another ingredient that Nefertiti would probably use today: Caviar. Grains of caviar possess tremendous energy and nutrient potential, to give your skin a new life.