A unique partnership between two prestigious brands that share the same values of luxury, excellence and elegance. Discover these exclusive amenities developed for the Kempinski Nile hotel in Cairo.


Cartier Women´s Initiative Awards 2009 Press Release:

“I always dreamed of reviving the beauty secrets of ancient Egypt” says Jeanne Habashi, creator of Jeanne Habashi - Le Caire, a brand of premium cosmetics. The facial and body treatments feature ingredients used in Pharaonic times, such as lotus flower, linen, hibiscus and orange blossom water.

Arab News - 3rd March 2010:

“Unlike her peers, Jeanne Habashi, creator of Jeanne Habashi-Le Caire, (a brand of premium cosmetics made in Egypt), is searching for inspiration in the past: “I always dreamed of reviving the beauty secrets of ancient Egypt,” she says. In her research, she found papyrus documents with detailed formulas (...) Jeanne Habashi-Le Caire’s best-sellers are the professional products for spa treatments offered in five stars hotels.”

New African Women - Winter/Spring 2010:

Jeanne Habashi - Le Caire is finalist for the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards. Her unique project consists in reviving antique Egyptian secrets of beauty with the ultimate technologies in cosmetology. Jeanne Habashi explains “imagine what these Queens of beauty would use today, if traditions were not frozen into papyrus”. This is how her line for facial Ritual of Eternity marries the White Lotus, sacred plant, emblem of Egypt, in many formulas with linen, beeswax, liquorice... But also with very efficient active ingredients such as Hawaiian Macadamia, Iranian Caviar that would have probably completed the ancient recipes if they were knew. This marriage of endemic ingredients with other ingredients imported from distant countries, of egyptian traditions and Swiss technologies in cosmetology, create a real alchemy. This magic is the core of the brand : alliance between tradition and modernity, Orient & Occident, to create a product of excellence, whose name evokes this blend in itself : Jeanne, an ancient French surname, and Habashi, a wellknown Middle Eastern name that vehicle its African roots, meaning “Abyssinian”.

Emirates Business 24/7 - 2nd November 2009:

Bernard Fornas (Cartier CEO) praised this year's applicants. "Even though we received many outstanding applications, one particular project from this part of the world caught my eye. It was a cosmetic firm called Jeanne Habashi – Le Caire by Jeanne Habashi from Egypt. She aims to create premium cosmetics using ancient ingredients for Egypt's top hotels and spas. Such establishments require high quality products for facial and body treatments. With little foreign competition and scarcity of local luxury brands, Jeanne Habashi – Le Caire is one of the only cosmetics brands capable of supplying Egypt's top hotels.”